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Enjoy A Beach Experience At Elm Creek Swim Pond In Maple Grove near Champlin

Located within the Elm Creek Park Reserve, near Champlin MN, the Elm Creek Swim Pond presents a unique beach experience free from the typical disturbances of aquatic weeds. This man-made pond, featuring filtered, chlorinated water, offers an array of facilities such as a sand beach, changing shelter, concessions, and bathrooms.

Open from 9 am to 8 pm, it provides lifeguard services until August 16. A nominal admission fee grants access to not just this pond, but also the Lake Minnetonka swim pond. With its proximity to a play area, this destination becomes an ideal spot for leisure.

The following article delves into the details of this location, discussing amenities, operating hours, fees, and additional activities. It also provides an insight into the COVID-19 guidelines as per the Three Rivers Park District website.

Enjoy A Beach Experience At Elm Creek Swim Pond In Maple Grove

Discover the joy of a hassle-free beach experience at the Elm Creek Swim Pond.

Location and Amenities

Elm Creek Swim Pond, a man-made swimming facility situated within Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove, offers visitors a beach-like experience complete with a sand beach, changing shelter, concessions, and bathroom facilities without the inconvenience of weeds.

Strategically located, the pond ensures an enjoyable beach experience, enhanced by its filtered and chlorinated water, providing a safe and clean environment.

The location also boasts a fantastic play area, sharing the same parking lot with the swim pond, offering additional recreational opportunities. The convenience offered by these facilities not only ensures comfort but also allows visitors the freedom to enjoy their time without any constraints.

Thus, Elm Creek Swim Pond, with its carefully designed amenities, facilitates an engaging and refreshing beach-like experience.

Operating Hours and Fees

Operating hours for this popular swimming location are from 9 am to 8 pm daily, with lifeguard supervision available from 12 pm to 8 pm until August 16. This provides a generous window for visitors to revel in the refreshing water and sun-soaked sand.

However, it is important to note that from August 17 through Labor Day, which falls on September 7, lifeguard supervision is unavailable. Therefore, visitors should exercise heightened caution during this period.

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A daily admission fee of $5 per person is required, which offers excellent value for a full day of beach-like experience.

Alternatively, a season wristband can be procured for $18 per person, valid at both Elm Creek and Lake Minnetonka swim ponds, representing additional savings for regular visitors.

Additional Activities

Adjacent to the swimming area, a play zone offers additional amusement options, with the Three Rivers Park District website providing further details and safety guidelines related to COVID-19.

This play area, shared with the swim pond, provides a multifaceted recreational experience, promoting both active engagement and leisurely relaxation. It is designed to cater to the broad spectrum of visitor preferences.

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With its strategic location, the play zone enables adult visitors to monitor their children's activities while enjoying the beach's serene ambiance.

The park's website serves as an essential resource, offering comprehensive information regarding current guidelines and precautions necessitated by the ongoing pandemic.

This combination of facilities ensures that Elm Creek Swim Pond provides an unparalleled, liberating beach experience for all visitors.